Hey there, fellow yarn geeks! Welcome to Knitting for Newbies (or K4N for short)!

As a newbie knitter myself, I find that it’s helpful to get a beginner’s perspective when it comes to learning a new craft, which is why I’ve put together this video tutorial series.

These tutorials will show you the basics of knitting (how to cast on, how to knit, how to purl, and how to bind off), and they’ll also help you to learn the basics of double-knitting for graph-based knitting projects. By watching these videos, I hope you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of the techniques shown here so that you can go forth and conquer your knitting dreams. You can do it, friend!

I hope to add more videos to this series as I expand my knitting abilities. You’ll always get a newbie’s perspective on the techniques in this series, and hopefully you’ll find all of these videos helpful–if a little bit lengthy…sorry!

Note: As of September 1st, 2019, there is still one very important video I have yet to add to this series. That video will explain basic knitting errors and how to fix them. I haven’t recorded that video yet (due to many technical problems with uploading the rest of the videos in this series), but I hope to have that video available in the next week. Stay tuned!

These videos are truly a labor of love, and I’m so happy to be able to offer them to you for free! If you enjoy these videos, I hope you’ll consider making a monetary donation to Yarn Geek Makes. Your donations help keep this site up and running and allow me to make more great content just like this. Your support is endlessly appreciated!

Knitting for Newbies: The Basics

Knitting for Newbies: Double-Knitting

Click here to download the K4N cheat sheet, which has helpful tips and sample chart for you to practice with.

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  1. Is there any way we can get the end to the invisible bind off video? It ends right after getting all of the loops on the dpns. I’ve tried following the written instructions, but I think I’m missing something.
    I love how you’ve done them though! They are so helpful. I never thought I’d be able to knit after crocheting for years!

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