I recently caught double knitting fever, and so I’ve decided that my first double knitting project for the blog just has to be made in the double knit style. Naturally I wanted to start off with something small, something that would hold my attention and inspire me to keep going. So I decided to design a baby blanket featuring the A-to-Z of some of my favorite geeky things! After all, just because my husband and I aren’t quite ready to start a family yet doesn’t mean I can’t start making baby blankets, right?

Once you know the very basics of knitting, double knitting isn’t actually all that difficult! It’s fairly straightforward, especially if you’ve already worked from graphs for other crochet projects.

Trust me: if I can learn double knitting while recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction (pain + pain killers = an interesting knitting session), then you can definitely learn it, too!

I’ve decided to call this project the Geek Alphabet Blanket Make Along, or GABMAL for short.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting more information about this MAL on this page, so feel free to add it to your bookmarks. I’ll be sharing a complete yarn list with estimate yardage requirements, a list of required materials, and some video tutorials on how to get started with double knitting.

If you’re not quite ready to jump into double knitting with me, that’s perfectly okay! The graphs made for this blanket can be adapted for any graphghan-friendly crochet stitch.

Here’s what I know for now:

  • I will be using Stylecraft Special DK for most (if not all) of the yarn for this project. I’m looking into some varigated options for a couple of the squares as I type this, but I can say for certain that the bulk of the yarn will be Stylecraft Special DK.
  • I will be using US 8 (5.0mm) straight needles. You can use larger or smaller needles if you wish. If you are crocheting this blanket, you can use a size H/5.0mm hook.
  • This blanket will be roughly 48″ wide by 45″ tall. So far, my panels are working up to be slightly rectangular (8″ wide by 9″ tall), but that could change when they are blocked.
  • I will be double knitting for this project. I will, however, give tips on how to adapt the graphs for use with crochet stitches. I’ll also share advice on how to tweak this project so that you can make a blanket in a larger size.
  • Two letter graphs will be released each week. Each letter’s chart will be designed for double knitting, and there will be two versions of each letter: one with the actual letter on it and one without (so it can be double sided if you wish).
  • A full list of the icons for each letter of the alphabet will be revealed soon. I’m still making a few adjustments to it, but I can’t wait to share it with you!

The Geek Alphabet Blanket Make Along will begin on Sunday, September 1st, 2019.

Note that this is a bit different from our previous CALs, which have usually begun on Fridays.

There is no need to sign up for this MAL. Notifications will be posted each week starting in September on Facebook, Instagram, and in our Facebook group!

I am so excited for this project. Stay tuned for the yarn & alphabet icons lists!

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  1. This says the MAL (Reynolds?) starts on September 1st but there is a box up top that says it starts on August 1st

    Also, I do not have Facebook or Instagram Should I just check back here on Mondays

    Now I am off to see about double knitting

    Jan Moore

    1. Good catch! It starts September 1, not August. I pushed it back a bit to allow more time for tutorials and practice for everyone who wants to try double knitting. Thanks for catching that—I’ve updated the countdown on the site!

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