Hello, crafters! Do I have a treat for you!

After much contemplation (and some encouraging nudges), I decided that the Hogwarts CAL needed some bonus squares that reflected each of the four Hogwarts houses. So here they are! (Isn’t that Hufflepuff badger just adorable?!)

These are what I call “bonus” squares, meaning that they are graph-only and have no written instructions.

You can download the PDF for all four houses here!

Aside from the forthcoming squares that remain for the CAL, I also plan on working up AT LEAST two different banners for this project, possibly more. These will be graphs only.

2 replies on “Bonus Squares: The Hogwarts Houses (Harry Potter CAL)

  1. Hi, Have you finished the 2 banners yet?
    I love your graphghan!!!
    I can’t wait to get going..

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