It’s #DoctorWhoDay!

As part of the celebration, the third square of our Whovian CAL is now complete and ready to go!

DW Graph 3-3

DW Graph 3-4

Square #3 features my first Doctor–the ninth Doctor–with his sonic screwdriver. Isn’t he just too cute for words?

You can download the PDF graph for square #3 now! It even features handy arrows that help you keep track of which direction you’re working in for any given row. (A super big help, I’ve found.)

Note: If you’re left-handed, work in the opposite direction of the arrows!

The PDF also has written instructions (also worked for right-handed crocheters) on the last page, if you’re more comfortable working that way. For left-handed crocheters, you can work each row backwards to get the same effect.


Update: The written instructions for square #2 are on their way–I promise! They will be posted tomorrow (Sunday), as will a video showing how I make my color changes and carry my yarn.

All of the PDF files for each square, the yarn yardage/color chart, and all updated documents (including the written instructions for square #2 when they are available) can be found on the Whovian CAL page OR in the “files” section of the Two Hearts Crochet Whovian CAL Facebook group. Fantastic!

3 replies on “Square #3: Ninth Doctor (Whovian CAL)

  1. I love the 9th doctor he is brilliant. I am not a fantastically quick crocheter but I can’t wait to see what your other squares are going to be x

    1. Hi Robin,

      Sorry about that! The PDF should be at the link on this page. When the blog got a makeover, the links remained, but they were no longer underlined (and thus didn’t look like links anymore). I’ve corrected this. Thanks for your comment!

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